Client Testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with the staff at Jane Clark Legal recently, and my experience was nothing short of exceptional. From the outset, the team exhibited a high level of professionalism and expertise that immediately instilled confidence.

The team of Jane Clark, Josh Sherman, and Alison Thrasher not only demonstrated a genuine commitment to understanding my unique situation… but they took the time to listen attentively, providing insightful guidance, and ensuring that I felt heard and supported throughout the entire legal case process.

Communication was seamless, with regular updates on the progress of my case and prompt responses to any inquiries I had. This level of transparency and accessibility made the entire legal process much more manageable and less stressful.

What truly sets Jane Clark Legal apart is their dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for their clients. They approached my case with a strategic mindset, offering valuable and collaborative insights, and navigating potential challenges with skill and determination.

I highly recommend the team at Jane Clark Legal to anyone seeking legal assistance. Their firm’s professionalism, expertise, and client-focused approach make them an outstanding choice for anyone in need of legal representation. Working with them was not only a positive experience, but also a reassurance that my legal matters were in capable hands… all resulting in a very favorable outcome.

Rodney R.

Jane represented my wife and I in a malpractice lawsuit in Portland, Oregon. She is a well-organized attorney who gives her total energy to the case in hand. She is respectful, thoughtful, and courteous outside the courtroom. She spends infinite hours preparing for a case, gathering information and forming a game plan. If she feels there is not enough evidence to represent you, she will tell you so.

Inside the courtroom, her only thoughts are about winning the case for her client. She is well versed on the defense side as she spent time as a Defense Attorney before becoming an attorney for the plaintiff.

Best of all, she has the connections to get the right expert opinions for the plaintiff. This is crucial.

Anybody interested in attaining Jane Clark’s services for representation in a legal matter cannot go wrong. She knows how to fight, and she knows how to win.”

Rick and Terri Closson

Jane successfully managed a settlement for my family with a local hospital. At every step of the way Jane kept us completely informed, outlining all of our options plus both short and long-term implications of each. Acknowledging ours was a very complex situation, we felt we received the utmost professional counseling and legal representation. Her efforts resulted in settlement that far exceeded our expectations and most importantly elicited acknowledgement of responsibility. We are unified in recommendation of Jane Clark and her legal prowess.

Gail Burns

We just wanted to thank you for all that you did during this very saddened time in our lives. It was unfortunate that we had to meet under these circumstances but you made it easier to deal with for all concerned. After my family and I met you, we knew we were in good hands and were very thankful that you had been recommended to us. You were always available to us to answer our questions and you were wonderful regarding keeping us informed as to where we were in the settlement process. I believe you settled the case in record time and again our family thanks you for that…You have been great to all of us and we just wanted to thank you for a job well done.

The Sauter Family

Attorney Jane Clark was able to provide me with excellent legal representation and secured a favorable outcome. Her hard work, dedication, and expertise were crucial in achieving success in my case. She deserves recognition for her efforts, and I feel grateful for having such a skilled attorney on my side.

Forrest A. Jenkins

After working with Ms. Clark, I have a new standard for legal support. If you desire to have someone who will get the job done with finesse and top flight expertise then I would highly recommend Ms. Clark. In fact, I recommended her to a colleague just today. There are plenty of attorneys out there in the field, but you will find an unusual degree of personable support in working with Ms. Clark. Her approach is very much focused on the task at hand, but with the distinct “value-added” of having someone in your corner who truly cares about you as a client as much as the outcome.

Mary N.

I lost my father unexpectedly in 2020. I felt that his treatment or lack of treatment directly led to his passing. I reached out to a few attorneys to see if I had a case. After being told that they weren’t interested, one office referred me to Jane Clark. I called and set up an appointment. Jane listened to my story, and requested I send her all of my information. She had her experts look at the evidence, and she agreed that I had a case to take forward and she wanted to work for me. Jane’s paralegal, Alison Thrasher, handled all of my communication and correspondence, and did so with patience and empathy rarely seen in any profession. Jane and her team worked for my family and me, and we received a settlement which I thought was both timely and fair. If you ever need this type of legal service, I highly recommend Jane Clark and her team.


Jane worked so hard for our family. We did not have the easiest case, yet she persisted when others would not have! She settled our case with the best possible outcome. We would definitely work with Jane again, and recommend her to anyone in need of legal representation.

Jill and Erin Lynch

In January 2011, my wife, Joyce, had an operation on her cervical spine in a local hospital. After her operation, she was paralyzed by a delay in diagnosing a postoperative blood clot pressing on her spinal cord.

Jane Clark’s office was referred to us by another attorney who had no interest in our case. Due to her diligent research of all the facts and records and her selection of expert witnesses on our behalf, and the help of her excellent staff, we were awarded a multi-million dollar judgment following a trial.

I will recommend attorney Jane Clark to anyone who thinks they may have a medical malpractice suit.

Dan Williamson

I cannot thank you enough for your work on this case. You and Alison have been beyond wonderful. I hope never to require the services of a medical malpractice attorney. But if I should, you will be the first one I call. And I will definitely recommend you to others.

Claudia Morris

Jane Clark has restored my trust and belief in attorneys and our legal system. She has what it takes to hold the medical professionals to the ethical standard and oath to which they profess. Thanks to Jane my case resulted in a settlement and a positive experience for me. Jane and her staff have integrity, experience and a sense of humor to boot. I would recommend Jane Clark to anyone requiring assistance with anything medical and the law.

Laura M.

It was a pleasure having Jane Clark and her staff represent me. From the beginning, they were able to explain the process in a way that was easy to understand and in a caring manner. If I had any questions or concerns, they were addressed promptly by her or her great staff. If I had to choose representation or refer anybody, Jane Clark and her staff would be my first pick.

J. Rather

Ms. Clark proved to be a superb lawyer over the course of time that she navigated through a lengthy case that led to settlement. During that time, Jane remained very thoughtful to my well-being and displayed great patience and professionalism dealing with a large medical center. She is a true advocate that is experienced and well versed in the legal system. She is organized and always provided me with regular updates and information, always explaining options to me as the case progressed. You won’t regret having Jane Clark on your side!

Susan Schindler

Working with Jane Clark was an absolute pleasure. She bravely took my medical malpractice case, knowing that it wasn’t going to be for a huge amount of money, and that winning definitely wasn’t a guarantee. Still, she listened intently to my case and was willing to fight for the injustice that was inflicted on me. Jane was always extremely quick to answer any of my questions, and she moved through the judicial process as quickly as she could for my benefit. She was very kind and easy to talk to, and was willing to offer up her opinions without making me feel like I only had one option. I can’t recommend Jane highly enough – her and her team are absolutely excellent!


If you’re anything like me, I do my homework! I want the right person for the job. I want to make sure that this person is the best at what they do! After reviewing Jane Clark’s extensive and impressive credentials, I knew she was that “right person.” Jane and her team are very professional and they make you feel that your case is just as important to them as it is to you. I can’t put into words how comforting it was knowing I had her and her vast ensemble of experts and staff in my corner. Jane got my case to settle out of court which was a great relief. Check out the rest of her web page and do what I did, send her your information! You won’t be sorry.

J. Roberts

In looking back through the last year and comparing with prior ones, I realized how much relief from stress I am currently experiencing. In an attempt to point to the reason for this, I came to the conclusion that it was because of the perseverance of Jane Clark and her able and caring staff. They brought an end to a dispute that I had with my medical provider with a timely settlement. Before Jane Clark’s expertise and assistance in this matter, I had spent many sleepless nights in a quandary of options.

My wife and I cannot thank Jane and her staff enough for their intervention and assistance.


We had the unfortunate need to find a medical malpractice attorney. This was our first time dealing with an attorney. After going online to review the different attorney’s credentials, their track record and history in the profession, we determined that Jane Clark’s knowledge far exceeded all others reviewed.

Jane’s assistant was exceptional in helping us gather the right paperwork that was needed for the case. Jane Clark is a professional who understands how to get the best possible outcome for us.

Wayne and Margaret

This heartfelt note is to profoundly thank Jane, Art, and the entire Jane Clark Team. We shall never cease to be grateful for your efficient and wonderful effort to help us out when we felt that there was no justice and no support to our life and death tragedy! We were lost and did not have any options with our plight.

Then we found you and from the first interaction we knew there was hope, that there are noble people that would fight with us and for us. We were blessed with a unique, efficient, dynamic, intelligent, and diligent team. And most of all, we appreciate the empathy for our pain and suffering in our horrible situation.

For two years you have given us mighty support and extremely warm love as we went through this awful journey. You filled our hearts with hope and trust of what would be the final result.

You guided us through the unpredictable events and you put it all out there to get us to a wonderful culmination of some justice, an end to our dilemma. There are no words that can express the gratitude and love we feel for you and everything you have done.

Have no doubt that you will live in our hearts and souls forever!

God Bless you all!

Ivette & Rafael